Emma finds a shoulder to cry on. Will finds a shortage of child-care. Clarrie finds a solution.

Radio Times: Will takes family loyalty for granted.

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  • Access rights to George are presenting problems of a different nature for Will. Brian wants him to come into work, but he’s got George for the day. He tries Clarrie, but she’s doing overtime at the dairy and Eddie has a patio job to complete. But Will’s determined to manage – he won’t let Emma and Ed think he can’t cope.
  • Emma uses a few hours of freedom to call at the village shop, but finds she can’t pay for everything she needs. Betty is sympathetic, and encourages Emma to talk. She asks Betty if there is any work going at the shop, but the answer is no. Emma says she feels trapped, and everyone’s against her, even her parents. Betty tells her not to worry; she’s not a bad person, all young people make mistakes, and she should follow her heart.
  • An increasingly desperate Will calls at the dairy, and demands help from Clarrie. Tony suggests that Helen might have George in the house, but Clarrie is horribly embarrassed.
  • At the Bull, Lilian buys Eddie a drink, and offers Tony one, though with characteristic lack of charm, he accuses her of buying votes. Lilian is not put off by Lynda’s proposed question and answer session; she has plans for something infinitely bigger and better in her quest to be elected onto the Parish Council.
  • Still smarting from her experience at the dairy, Clarrie has a major go at Will. She tells him he’s not putting George first, and he must plan ahead better. Ruefully, Will admits he’s only just realising how much Emma did. But Clarrie has a solution; Will has to sit down and talk things through properly with Ed and Emma, but she will be there to see fair play – and she’ll ask Susan to be there, too. Will, rather reluctantly, agrees to think about it.

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