The PC election hots up as Lilian throws her hat into the ring.

Radio Times: Lilian dusts down her soap box.

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  • Matt is in trouble. Lilian has found out about his job advert for a personal assistant, which seeks candidates with, she thinks, rather inappropriate attributes – indeed she is not convinced that he even needs a p.a.. Lilian announces that she has made the decision to stand for the PC.
  • Lynda is out early and takes David by surprise at Brookfield. She had heard that Nathan Booth is standing for the Parish Council. David urges her not to underestimate him – but wishes her luck to win the vote!
  • Eddie is pleased with the way orders are coming in for the geese but he feels that holly and mistletoe are more trouble than they are worth. Clarrie’s suggestion to ask Ed to help falls on deaf ears.
  • Lynda has collected a band of willing but not terribly agile volunteers to clear out the village pond, in anticipation of the Echo reporter and photographer turning up. Lilian, being rather more smartly turned out, threatens to upstage her by grabbing the attention of the press for her own election campaign. A well meaning Lynda has a sympathetic word with Eddie about the way the news about Ed and Emma came out yesterday; Eddie, taken completely by surprise, heads for home.
  • By the time he reaches Keeper’s Cottage, Eddie is in a lather, especially when he thought that Clarrie was also in the know; in fact, Pat had just told her because she did not want her to hear it from anyone else. Eddie is hell bent on finding Ed right away and confronting him with his stupid, selfish actions that wreck people’s lives. Poor Clarrie is left in tears, begging Eddie not to repeat that he disowns Ed as his son.

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