William broadcasts to the village the details of Emma and Ed’s aborted flight to France.

Radio Times: Betty and Pat show no mercy.

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  • Betty and Pat compare notes about their husbands, both of whom have been acting very strangely since their fishing trip. They have each revealed something of the weekend but clearly not all. So under the combined attack of their wives, who will crack first?
  • Susan is worried about what Will did yesterday; Emma was really upset. There is something else but Susan cannot put her finger on it; Emma seemed frightened and called Will a bully. Neil will have a word with him.
  • As they wait for the Christmas lights to be switched on, Mike in his new jacket, Betty announces that she found a garter in the pocket of the old one. Oh heck! Elsewhere on the Green, Pat tells Tony that there was a phone call for him from a girl called Saskia. Tony cracks and reveals all about the wild and scary girls they encountered in Nottingham.
  • Neil and Susan have that word with Will but are surprised by the response. In a voice loud enough for half the village to hear, he tells them that their daughter is a scheming cow, who was planning to take his son to France illegally; he stopped her by taking George’s passport. She had better get a good solicitor because he intends to get everything he can out of it.
  • Mike and Tony heard the commotion but decide to keep out of it. Tony admits that he told Pat everything about the girls in Nottingham.
  • Susan cannot believe what Will said. It must have been Ed’s idea; Emma was never sly. There is nothing to be done tonight; they are clearly going nowhere now. It will be the worse for Ed when his father hears of it.

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