William enjoys his power over Emma, taking George without notice.

Radio Times: Will pulls rank at the caravan.

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  • It’s the Borchester Primestock Show and David has high hopes; his biggest rival for the overall championship is Oliver.
  • At the caravan Emma has a call from Ed. She has opened his post and it is the credit card bill; it is a big one, as expected, because of the DNA tests. Ed encourages her to go out and get some air. She worries that Will has told everyone about their aborted flight to France but Ed is sure that he will not – he has got what he wants.
  • David’s beast has won its class – and Oliver’s has won the foreign breeds class.
  • Emma’s day brightens when Susan arranges to take them out to Borchester for the day but it takes a turn for the worse when William appears, unannounced, and insists on taking George for the day; he has not decided when he will bring him back.
  • At the show, it’s celebrations all round: Brookfield has won, Grange Farm is highly commended. Oliver chooses this moment to thank Ed for all his work during the year and to hand over his Christmas bonus.
  • Susan calls at the caravan to see why Emma and George have not come over for their outing. She finds Emma in tears and George gone. William has rights but not to do this. Emma insists that she will handle it, because of course she does not want her parents to know about the French connection, but Susan cannot leave it; she will see what dad has to say.

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