Alan and Usha get Amy’s seal of approval on their relationship.

Radio Times: Lynda rallies the troops.

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  • Lynda is a bit disappointed with the response for Christmas Show participants but is heartened by the promise of a duet by Pip and Izzy. Ruth is less than confident that David could be persuaded to take part.
  • Pat finds herself talking to Tony but he is clearly not listening. What is the matter? Eventually he admits that the fishing trip did not involve much fishing: Mike’s friends were more interested in drinking and picking up girls. It is a good job Tony was on hand to keep an eye on Mike.
  • At the auditions, Pip and Izzy’s duet is accepted, although their spangley tops are perhaps not appropriate. Betty gets a rather sharp response from Alan when she expresses surprise that Usha attended St Stephens on Sunday. Alan’s comic ditty about a vicar’s first Christmas is also accepted but must do a duet with Amy too.
  • Mike is also not very forthcoming about the fishing trip but eventually admits to Betty that there was little fishing done. It is a good job he was on hand to chaperone Tony! Betty is astute enough to suspect that he is trying to divert suspicion from himself.
  • Amy has presented Alan and Usha with an early Christmas present – a pair of tickets for a concert in Birmingham’s Symphony Hall. That’s thoughtful. Usha really ought to go indoors: she has a busy day in court tomorrow. Alan really ought to go home: he also has a busy day ahead. Even so, their goodnight kisses take quite a while.

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