William taunts Ed, who stays calm and non-violent.

Radio Times: Jack returns to Home Sweet Home.

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  • This used to be a bridleway! Not any more. William is not very tolerant of Lilian as she rides along and threatens to trample his birds. If she has a problem, she should take it up with Matt. She will.
  • Back home from La Manga, Jack and Peggy find there is not much food in the larder. However, Jack has been given food for thought: the friends they were with look much younger and the reason – he has sold his chain of restaurants.
  • Seeking Oliver, Tony is very touchy with Ed about his recent fishing trip with Mike. Ed’s brother William also turns up, making obtuse remarks about anything French that are completely lost on Tony – but not on Ed, who receives them with uncharacteristic restraint.
  • Back at the Lodge, Jack consults his notes and is about to return to the subject of selling Grey Gables when Lilian and Matt come to visit. He and Peggy will discuss it later.
  • Alone with Ed, William takes the opportunity to rub in the fact that he has spoiled their little plan to run away to France and that he has George’s passport; he will get an injunction if they ever try anything like that again. Ed does not rise to the taunts; he and Emma will stay and live under Will’s nose.
  • If Lilian is concerned about bridleways, why doesn’t she stand for the Parish Council? Matt would like a spy in that camp. She will think about it. Meanwhile she and Matt invite Jack and Peggy for Christmas. As he delivers a box of vegetables, Tony is so shifty about the fishing trip that Matt draws his own conclusion about what they were really up to: are there mermaids in the Trent?

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