Ed and Emma’s plans are thwarted; they must stay in Ambridge.

Radio Times: Usha turns a few heads.

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  • There’s a new face in St Stephen’s this morning. Usha gets a warm welcome from Amy, who is also pleased that she is staying for lunch.
  • In The Bull, Brian wonders what is wrong with Tony, back early from his fishing trip. He is able to report to Tom that, over drinks last night, he has persuaded one of their bigger customers to increase his order by 25% over the Christmas period. Ed gets a phone call.
  • In the vicarage kitchen there is harmony – until Alan rehearses a comic piece that he intends for the Christmas show. Both Amy and Usha try to convince him that it would not come up to Lynda’s high standards.
  • The sausage figures look good. So much so that, in the New Year, Brian wants Tom to look for a part time pig man, to give him more time for admin and marketing.
  • Ed explains to Emma that he has had a call from Natalie. They have gone back on their job offer because someone rang to say that he had been less than honest about his personal situation and was taking George abroad illegally; they did not want to get involved. Ed’s inclination is to give Will the biggest kicking he has ever had but Emma, talking sense for a change, convinces him that that would be playing into William’s hands. They cannot go to France; they must stay here.

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