Usha stays the night at Alan’s – but with Amy. William phones Ed’s prospective employers in France to tell them what’s going on.

Radio Times: Will enjoys a moment of triumph.

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  • Usha stayed the night at Alan’s – but talking to Amy. Alan is rather taken aback to find her in the kitchen in Amy’s pyjamas and clearly keen to get rid of her before the neighbours find out!! Amy has worked this out but it didn’t cross Usha’s mind. It’s not a situation Alan has had to deal with before – not that some of his parishioners haven’t tried according to Amy. But Alan never noticed. Alan is even surprised to hear that Amy thinks he maybe lonely when she goes to University.
  • Eddie had arranged for them to go away to Rosie’s for the weekend to celebrate the anniversary. But Clarrie just couldn’t face it. She doesn’t know how she could tell Rosie. She has a heart to heart with Pat. She wonders if it really matters that much that Ed isn’t the biological father. He really loves George. Eddie would have preferred Ed to just walk away but he’s going to have to realise that isn’t going to happen. She just can’t see a way through it. If things go on as they are the family will be torn apart. They all seem to think what they are doing is best for George – especially William. He’d do anything to keep George now.
  • William phones Ed’s employers in France and tells them what’s going on. He just thought they out to know the sort of person they were thinking of employing. If they take his advice they will have nothing to do with him. Ed Grundy is trouble.

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