Clive Horrobin holds George and Christine at gunpoint.

Radio Times: George gets a nasty surprise.

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  • 25 years of happy marriage – now there’s something to celebrate. George and Chris spend a pleasant evening celebrating with Phil and Jill who are happy to see her so relaxed for a change.
  • They get home to be greeted, not by the dog, but by Clive Horrobin. He has broken into the house and has been waiting for their return. George’s carefully maintained shotgun is in Clive’s jittery hands.
  • Jill has discovered that Chris has left her handbag; better give them a call.
  • Clive will not allow the phone to be answered, even though George (correctly) guesses who the caller is and that he will think it strange that they do not answer. He has deluded himself that George is responsible for ruining his life and now he must pay – a life for a life. George almost persuades him that Clive’s quarrel is with him alone, and therefore he should let Chris go, when the phone rings again.
  • Still no answer! Phil is puzzled. Maybe they cannot get in: there are keys in the handbag. He will go over.
  • Clive insists that he and George share a drink, even though a frightened Chris protests that it will make George ill. George is bolder, suggesting that Clive always has been a loser and has not the guts to use the gun. The doorbell interrupts whatever plans Clive had; Chris is mightily relieved to see her brother. George asks for an ambulance to be called – but who for?

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