The search for Clive is on and the Carters’ is the first place to look. Chris’ condition is not serious.

Radio Times: Susan gets a rude awakening.

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  • Something is wrong, Susan is sure of it; there are lights on the window just after midnight. She does not have long to wait until the phone rings and an Inspector calls. There has been an incident involving a firearm, and a casualty with a suspected heart attack; they are looking for Clive – is he with the Carters? Susan’s assurance is not enough; she is to come out to the armed police outside while Neil and Emma remain inside.
  • At the hospital George is more worried about Chris than the WPC’s questions. The gun was locked away but he cannot remember how many cartridges there were. It’s half an hour since they took Chris through.
  • Susan obeys instructions. She protests that she would not let Clive near her children and she is reminded that she once did.
  • Chris looks better now; she was hyperventilating. She does not want to go home, not until Clive is caught. Perhaps they can stay with Jill.
  • The search of the house over, Neil reinforces the stance that they will have nothing to do with Clive; he will be on the phone to the police if Clive makes contact.
  • Chris is settled in at Glebe Cottage but cannot be convinced that they are safe. Nothing will stop him. Will she ever feel like going back to her home?
  • Susan assures herself that Chris and George are ok. Emma thinks her uncle is crazy, he’s flipped and he has a loaded shotgun; is anyone in the village safe tonight?

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