George ‘bolts the stable door’ but it will take more than that to get Chris home again.

Radio Times: Chris starts on the road to recovery.

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  • At Glebe Cottage, Chris has had a bad night; she keeps seeing it all again. Breakfast in bed is welcome but not going to church with Phil and Jill; she does not want to see people or talk about it. George is going to fix new locks at the Police House with David’s help and she certainly does not want to go there. She is content to stay in alone, with the personal alarm given to her by the police.
  • Jill is not up to Alan’s counsel of forgiveness this morning and is quick to volunteer to stay with Chris on the pretext of a headache, which also provides an excuse for some fresh air and exercise.
  • When Adam calls at Grey Gables he finds Ian a little nervous, anticipating more guests than he has cooked for before. Weather permitting, on his day off (Tuesday) he will be pleased to help Adam with his poly-tunnels; he is a little surprised that Adam asked him first.
  • David and George have fitted new locks, which George hopes will tempt Chris back home. With lambing coming to an end, David was pleased to have something to take his mind off Friday’s TB tests. When Adam calls he is also content to join the poly-tunnel team; it’s a big job, so Adam is calling in all the favours he can, or in the case of the Grundys, flashing some cash.
  • Once at the top of Lakey Hill, Jill’s headache is better already; Chris was not taken in, and she is also not surprised to see her brother coming up to join them. She confesses that her reluctance to go to church was partly that she didn’t know what to say to Susan – she wasn’t there anyway, perhaps for the same reason. As for going home, 1000 bolts and locks will make no difference: Clive does not have to break in – he is in her head. Nowhere is safe now.

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