Christine resolves to get on with her life and advises Susan to do the same.

Radio Times: A tough time for Susan.

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  • It’s morning tea in bed for Susan but it will take more than that to make her face the world. Neil reassures her that no-one blames her and probably the people at school don’t even know. Not going to school would be a bad example to set Christopher. She feels that she ought to go and say something to Chris and George but Neil volunteers to go instead.
  • Downstairs Christopher finds that breakfast cooked by Emma is not up to mum’s standard. When Neil announces that mum is not going to school he thinks he will have a day off too. He won’t. Emma will stay with Susan and maybe take her shopping, making Christopher even more annoyed. There is good news in the post: the Planning Committee will consider their application in two weeks. It seems to have passed Christopher by until now that they will need to live in a caravan for a while, just when he is doing his GCSEs; great, that will really screw up his life.
  • Chris is really worried; George went home last night, he hasn’t rung and now the phone is engaged. When George does ring it is with the news that the police have phoned to say they have found George’s gun, so at least Clive is no longer armed.
  • When Neil calls at Glebe Cottage, he learns the news of the gun; that will take a weight off Susan’s mind. He explains that Susan blames herself but Christine counsels that they should not let Clive do this to them. So Chris and George decide to go back with Neil to see Susan. Chris has decided to go back to the Police House, one night away from George was enough. She recommends that Susan gets on with her life too, otherwise Clive has won.

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