Ian and Adam get chummy; is Ed up to no good again?

Radio Times: Adam rounds up the troops.

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  • To prove that it’s not just farmers who can rise early, Ian is the first to arrive at the strawberry field. Tony is surprised that Eddie and Ed are coming, because he is aware that the whole family have an appointment with Ed’s probation officer later, but there’s money in it so they turn up. Ed is keen to scrounge some polythene sheeting, ostensibly to keep his car away from Tony’s eager eyes.
  • Pat is full of admiration for Ed’s negotiating skills; he has very tactfully kept Tony at arms length so that he and Jazzer work on the car themselves. Clarrie admits that Clive Horrobin’s reappearance has focussed her concerns that Ed would turn out like that. They agree that it puts into perspective their own worries over children.
  • Ian proves a very competent worker but Ed notices that he and Adam are very chummy (quite smart for one who does such dumb things). The wind brings poly-tunnel erection to a premature halt for today. Eddie is keen to sell Ian some of his “off the back of a lorry” meat, against Ed’s advice, but time is against him; however, Ian has already heard about Eddie so is not likely to be taken in.
  • Ed’s interview went well and he only has to see the probation officer for another month. It would be as well if he didn’t discover that Ed drove his car home without insurance! Clarrie is aghast that Eddie should have tried to sell meat to Ian but Ed reckons that his mind was on other things anyway.
  • Pat finds Tony in the shed – having a sneaky look at Ed’s car perhaps? No, he has discovered that the polythene sheet was wanted to cover other things, a lawnmower for example, that certainly don’t belong at Bridge Farm. So whose are they?

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