Greg takes time to surprise Helen, in vain; Tony misjudges Ed.

Radio Times: Greg’s good intentions go to pot.

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  • Having been given a rocket about the state of the covers, Greg is keen not to give Brian Aldridge any excuse for more complaints. George cannot tempt him to The Bull but suggests a bottle of wine, a video and a relaxing night in with Helen.
  • In the veg. shop, Kirsty and Pat agree that Helen needs to chill out. It’s no use Pat saying anything; Helen will take no more notice of her than Tony will over his suspicions.
  • Meanwhile Tony, catching Ed servicing a lawnmower, jumps in with both feet. He is repairing it; he has a list of names, phone numbers and when they expect their tools back. He admits they pay him the odd tenner, so Tony wants to know where is his cut, as rent for business premises. He is his father’s son; Tony should have known better.
  • Since Helen is not in a hurry to get home, Kirsty persuades her to sample the new aroma-therapy place for which she has some two-for-one vouchers.
  • Greg returns home early to an empty house and a message on the answer-phone.
  • Helen feels much better. It’s the first time Kirsty has seen her laugh for a week and suggests that she does not need to be dragged down by Greg’s cares; he is a troubled soul, after all. But Helen loves him and he needs her so much. All the same she must look after herself and remain positive.
  • Pat is not pleased by Tony’s attitude and their ‘discussion’ is interrupted by a contrite Ed who presents them with their old strimmer, repaired, as a peace offering. He also apologises and admits he should have told Tony about the repairs; he really appreciates having the space to work on the car.
  • When Helen returns home she soon realises the surprise she has missed but Greg is calm about it; they can do it some other time.

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