Adam and Ian get together; Lilian continues to keep Matt at bay.

Radio Times: Lilian gets the upper hand.

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  • Jack’s slow recovery and Lilian’s affair are both worrying her mum, so Jennifer will call on Lilian this evening to persuade her to be more discreet when Peggy is about. Adam is taking Ian for a drink at The Bull and is less than delighted when Brian decides to tag along.
  • Matt has called on Lilian on a pretext. Lilian gives the impression that she is expecting a visitor and he is desperate to know if it is the “AC” who appears so often in her diary: enter Jennifer to gushing greeting and the news that Matt is just going. Jennifer suggests that he might like to join Brian in The Bull. (Brian’s going to love that!)
  • Adam is apologetic about Brian’s presence; it’s not quite what he had in mind. However, Matt soon drags him off for a quiet word about the shortcomings of his keeper and to try to pump him for information on Lilian’s love life. No sooner has Adam got down to some exploratory conversation with Ian than who should turn up but his mother and aunt. Lilian has yet to sample Ian’s cooking, so maybe Brian can get her a ticket to the Borchester Land dinner-dance; Matt will be there with Yvette. Matt’s jealousy surfaces again when he observes Lilian flirting with Ian (no need to worry there Matt).
  • Ian is ready for home, so Adam offers him a lift and a look at the poly-tunnels on the way. Ian was naughty to make Matt Crawford jealous. Ian confides that Lilian reminds him of his own Aunt Susie; she was the only person he could talk to about his mother, when she died, and about being gay. Adam wants to know whether his feelings for Ian are reciprocated; of course they are. Passion in the poly-tunnel!.

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