Clive Horrobin returns and sets the Police House ablaze.

Radio Times: Things get heated at the Police House.

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  • Christine is back in her own home and cheerful again, although she will be better when they catch Clive Horrobin. Greg had called to ask if George can help him deal with some poachers: Will is on a marriage preparation course. George is worried about leaving Chris so she has asked Jill to come over and stay with her. Life must get back to normal. Off you go, George.
  • Sid is glad of Ruth and David’s company; Adam is usually chatty but tonight he is just grinning and staring into his pint. However the Archers don’t seem so chipper tonight; that’s because the sale of Woodbine Cottage has fallen through and of course they have the results from today’s TB tests hanging over them.
  • Alan’s offer of a lift to a stranded motorist carrying a petrol can is declined; he does not recognise the man.
  • George has phoned and been told to stay as long as he needs; Chris and Jill are going to turn in.
  • Alan encounters Sid in the car park and is about to return Fallon’s CDs when there is an explosion and a fire nearby; the Police House is ablaze. Now Alan realises that the man on the road was Clive Horrobin and that he has petrol-bombed the house. Inside the house, the new locks and bolts are proving to be an obstacle; they abandon the front door and make their way to the back. David too has realised that the back of the house offers the best chance and George joins him just in time to help smash a window allowing the ladies to escape. The fire brigade is here but will they be in time to save Christine’s beautiful house?

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