Badly burnt, Clive appeals to Susan for help once too often and ends up in custody.

Radio Times: Susan faces a difficult decision.

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  • It’s the morning after and several Ambridge folk have not slept well. Susan cannot take it in; Christine and Jill might have been killed. The children are both spending the night elsewhere and she wonders whether to ring them; it’s too early and, as Neil points out, they will find out soon enough.
  • Christine is up and so is Jill. They were not badly affected by the smoke but Chris keeps seeing the fire; Clive is still out there and he won’t be happy until they are all dead.
  • In fact, he is close at hand. As soon as he saw Neil leave, he knocked on Susan’s door and was in before she could stop him. He is badly burnt and appeals to Susan for help; it is the last time he will ask. She does what she can with the first aid materials to hand but he really needs to go to hospital. She persuades him that she can help him more if she gets the big first aid kit from the shop; no-one will come and he could go upstairs to rest. He agrees.
  • Betty is surprised to see Susan so early but no explanation is needed when she hears Susan’s phone call to the police. Susan wants to go straight back in case either of the children turn up or Clive gets suspicious but Betty insists that they wait together.
  • The police are quickly on the scene and have the house surrounded; they want confirmation, from a very distressed Susan, that Clive is alone and unarmed.
  • When the police bring Clive out he has plenty to say to Susan; she is a bitch and will burn in hell for this. Neil comforts her with the assurance that she has done the right thing and it’s all over now.

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