Christine seems to be getting over the recent traumatic events.

Radio Times: The pressure gets too much for David.

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  • Three reactors! That’s a better result than at the previous TB test but Ruth keeps it in perspective, David and Jill are more important than the cows. She and David need to do some serious thinking about the future: whether to stay in sheep and what to do about the dairy herd, which needs either to be bigger or cut right back. But all of that can wait; today is Ben’s second birthday.
  • On the face of it, Chris is over the worst; with Clive in custody, she is talking about a new wardrobe. However, she sent Alan away when he started talking about victim support and counselling; she’ll cope.
  • David too is not unscathed: he dropped off in the chair and had a ‘daymare’ about the fire. He was worried that he would not be able to smash the glass and get them out but, as Ruth gently points out, he did!
  • Chris and George are very pleased to have been invited to Ben’s party. Phil pours out to Jill the thoughts that went through his mind when he realised that she was in the burning house, memories of Grace. David gets a bit short with Pip, which he puts down to his stupid dream; Ruth informs him that Pip has also been having dreams about the monster Clive who is out to get them all.
  • Phil and Pip are preparing a special musical treat for Mothers’ Day, which prompts Chris to express sympathy with Ivy Horrobin. It was a brave thing that Susan did and Chris decides she must speak to her about it, which is probably the last thing she needs. David has made his peace with Pip and they have agreed that neither needs to have any more bad dreams. However, Pip is critical of Susan: she would not do that to Josh, whatever he had done. Clearly Ruth needs to work on that; they cannot have Pip thinking that Susan is a bad person.

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