Susan could have done without Christine’s thanks and Mike’s tactlessness.

Radio Times: Susan gets some unwanted praise.

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  • Christopher has been sent home from school because he was not feeling too good, although he is much better now. Neil does his best to drum into his son that he must not, for example, refer to his uncle as a ‘nutter’ in front of his mum. Having sorted that out, Christine calls to thank Susan, acknowledging that it cannot have been easy for her. A bit unnecessary but Christopher manages to raise a laugh about it afterwards.
  • In the shop, Betty is sharing with Clarrie her observation of Susan just after she had phoned the police. Clarrie reports that Joe is pleased not to have heard of any objections to his pole barn so, despite Lynda Snell, it will soon be going up again. Susan pops in to say that she will soon be back at work in the shop and Mike pops in to be his usual tactless self with a “good riddance to Clive” remark. Clarrie dashes after Susan to undo the damage.
  • Christine is the next customer, shopping for a thankyou present for Phil and Jill; it’s her day for thanking people. She and George are going to move up to The Stables with Shula and Alistair; cue for another tactless remark from Mike.
  • The Carter family are gardening, sprucing up the property in advance of putting it on the market and moving into a caravan. Christine’s phone call is as unwelcome as her visit but Mike has set her worrying about how securely locked up is Clive. Susan reassures her and then reminisces with Neil about her little brother and wonders how all this has happened to them.

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