Brian’s eyes are opened; he is told about Adam and Ian.

Radio Times: Jennifer has a surprise for Brian.

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  • Jack is needing some persuasion to knuckle down to his exercises before breakfast; Peggy has to reassure him that she can see a definite improvement.
  • At Home Farm, Brian’s day got off to a bad start with a call from Matt about some covers that have not been cleared. Adam, on the other hand is very cheerful. His mother knows why; Brian doesn’t.
  • George is bringing Greg up-to-date about their ordeal: Chris was getting better but now she has the idea that Clive is going to escape. Greg’s own problem is less dramatic but is clearly getting to him. It’s Brian Aldridge and, bang on cue, he turns up to prove Greg’s point: stop doing this, do that instead. If another job came up Greg would be out like a shot … and what about Helen, George asks.
  • Peggy recounts to Jennifer her shopping experience with Lilian; the dress she has bought is very revealing and she hopes it is not all for Matt Crawford. Peggy also disapproves that she seems to have her eye on Ian, who is much younger. Jennifer assures her that Ian is quite safe: he’s not her type.
  • Reporting on his brush with Greg, Brian thought him quite rude, insolent even. Adam suggests he might have trouble at home. He has heard from Helen (via Kirsty and Brenda) that things are not too good sexually. That, Brian decides, is more information than he needs. He’s about to get a bit more! Jennifer explains that the reason Adam is so chirpy is that he is in love – with Ian. And him a Stones fan too! Brian had no idea. That explains Adam’s enthusiasm for tomorrow night’s dinner at Grey Gables; that’s all Brian needs.

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