Ian’s buffet is a triumph and Lilian succeeds in bringing Matt to heel.

Radio Times: It’s party time for Lilian.

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  • It’s Ian’s big night and when Adam calls to wish him luck he is outside having a puff of the cigarettes he is supposed to have given up.
  • Brian is not looking forward to the dinner-dance; it does not promise to be a restful evening with Adam sneaking to the kitchen every five minutes, to say nothing of Lilian and Matt. Jennifer thinks that Lilian will dance with every attractive man in the room and make Matt jealous. When Lilian arrives, in red, Adams thinks she looks a million dollars.
  • As Ian checks the buffet, Matt suspects him of looking to bump into Lilian: they were awfully chummy last week.
  • When Lilian has readjusted her make-up and Adam has been to wish Ian yet more luck, at last they can make a grand entrance, she on his arm.
  • Matt loses no time in coming over. He is on his own: Yvette had to go to London. What a shame. Alas, Lilian has already promised the first dance and in that dress is likely get quite a few offers for the others. Indeed, when he tries again later she is so booked up that it is hardly worth him waiting.
  • When the last dance is reached, Matt is not taking ‘no’ for an answer. If her objective was to make him jealous, she has succeeded. He was wrong to try to cool things. She admits that there is nobody else … at the moment but there soon will be if he tries this on again.
  • Brian and Jennifer wait to take Lilian home, only to be told that Matt is doing it. Well, this has been fun; Brian wonders why they don’t do it more often.

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