Christine is still not facing up to the situation she is in.

Radio Times: George tries to face up to the future.

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  • Christine has finally agreed to talk to Alan, although it’s probably only because she is tired of fighting him off. She seemed better yesterday, shopping for clothes with Jill, but then she gets suddenly tired and loses interest.
  • What is she talking to Alan about? Anything but her problem. She doesn’t need help; her generation was taught to grit their teeth and get on with it. That might work if she didn’t think that Clive was going to do something else. Alan tries to persuade her that, for all the terrible things he has done, Clive is not Superman; he is pathetic, really, and is in a secure hospital, badly injured. Christine should talk about her fears to someone experienced in such things. No, she doesn’t need Victim Support.
  • Meanwhile George and David are getting down to the practicalities: meeting the loss adjuster and thinking about rebuilding from scratch.
  • Alan has not made much progress but agrees with Shula that they should take the line that Christine would not want George to carry the burden alone. She is not really facing the situation as it is.
  • George reports back on the meeting with the loss adjuster. They can continue to buy things but should keep the receipts. It’s the same with renting somewhere but Chris does not want to think about that; it’s too soon. They try to make a start on listing what they have lost but it just brings home all the memories tied up with their possessions. Worst of all she had just taken off mum’s wedding ring when the bomb went off and now it is gone. It meant so much and now it is lost; the insurance company cannot give that back. All those memories – they have lost everything.

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