Sleepless nights in Ambridge as memories of the fire come back.

Radio Times: Brookfield counts its blessings.

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  • Mother’s day at Brookfield means a piano duet by Pip and Phil. Jill’s delighted to see the relationship between Pip and her grandad fully restored, but Jill herself is tired because she’s having problems sleeping and re-living the events of the fire. As Chris is distraught at the loss of all her family memorabilia, Ruth and Pip decide to make copies of everyone’s family photos, put them in a special album, and give it to Chris.
  • Jill isn’t the only one with insomnia. David admits to Phil that he’s not sleeping well, either, because he’s getting panic attacks. Phil does his best to reassure him.
  • Greg and Will are busy preparing the laying pens for the pheasant-rearing season when Brian comes along. Greg is defensive, which makes Brian sarcastic and, to Greg, unnecessarily critical. His reply is sullen, which doesn’t go down well with Brian. Greg tells Will that he’s sure Brian is trying to get rid of him.
  • Following his chat with Phil, David broaches the subject of sleeplessness with Jill. She makes light of her own problems, but tells David that Chris and George are in a bad way. David decides to give Chris a ring.

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