Ed has an answer that impresses Tony. George worries about Clive’s first appearance in court.

Radio Times: Tony is forced to eat his words

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  • When the pump in the milking parlour at Bridge Farm suddenly stops, Tony knows who to blame – it must be Ed, doing up tools for people despite being told to do some work for Tony in return for use of the barn. But Ed turns on the newly-acquired thinking skills charm, and Tony backs down.
  • Helen discusses with Tony what he should grow in the polytunnel this year, and tells her dad how worried she is about Greg, who seems to be more and more distant. Tony is reminded of Pat’s breakdown after John died, and tells Helen to get him to the doctor.
  • It’s the day of Clive’s appearance in court, so George and Chris are very uptight. David has offered to help them fill in the insurance claim forms, but Chris just can’t keep her mind on it. She goes to help Shula with the horses, and in her absence, George tells David that if Clive gets off lightly, he’s afraid Chris will break down completely.

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