Kathy has plans for films in the Village Hall; why should The Bull be at the centre of everything.

Radio Times: Eddie is on thin ice with Clarrie.

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  • At Jaxx, Kathy and Brenda are enjoying a girls’ lunch, though Brenda is fed up because her boss seems to think she’s only fit to cover the lightweight stories, and she has ambitions to become an investigative journalist. Kathy has ambitions, too, but in her case it’s to put on a film plus food in Ambridge, like the Bollywood evening in Faircastle. Brenda gives her a contact number, Kathy phones, and hey presto, she’s appointed Ambridge’s own local promoter. So all she needs now is a theme.
  • Ed is helping his dad mark out the site for the new pole barn, when Jazzer appears. He’s worried that Tony is showing too keen an interest in their activities at Bridge Farm, but Ed’s sure that he has convinced Tony that it’s all above board. Their new enterprise is going to make them rich.
  • An enterprise which might not be so successful is Eddie’s meat scam. Clarrie has read an article about condemned meat being served up in a local restaurant. With some reason, she’s sure Eddie and Snatch are behind it, but Eddie insists they are just cutting out the middle-man.

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