Lynda puts her foot in it (in every sense) when she discovers the Grundys’ new pole barn.

Radio Times: Lynda goes on the warpath.

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  • The planning application for the Carters’ new house is due to be heard, and Susan is very nervous. She’s not helped by the way Christopher is behaving, making the most of his uncle Clive’s exploits and basking in the attendant hero-worship at school. The Planning Committee decides it needs to know more about Tom’s expansion plans before they make a ruling. Despite their anxiety over the outcome, Neil and Susan decide to have their house valued.
  • At Brookfield, another expansion plan is under discussion. Should they increase the herd and buy in contract labour, or should they reduce cattle numbers and save labour costs?
  • And at the Grundy field, yet another expansion plan is taking shape, as the new pole barn goes up. A furious Lynda comes storming round, only to be told that the land which David rented to the Grundys makes the pole barn legal. She goes to tackle David, who refuses to back down. In her rage, Lynda steps in a cowpat – twice.

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