George makes a discovery to gladden Christine’s heart – her mum’s wedding ring.

Radio Times: Helen sees Greg’s darker side.

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  • Jill and the utterly unconvincing Chris go shopping to replace the clothes Chris lost in the fire, but Chris isn’t in the mood, and is downright rude in Helen’s shop. She hates being so dependent on other people, and knows she can never replace some of the things she lost.
  • Helen is increasingly concerned over Greg’s depression, but isn’t getting anywhere. She offers him a massage with aromatherapy oils, but gets a brusque rejection. Even her bottle of wine and request for a hug don’t cheer Greg up, and Helen’s worried at his coldness. Greg tells her in no uncertain terms that he won’t allow her to run his life for him.
  • At the Stables, George and Phil go in search of Chris’s boots. They have no luck with the boots, but George does find Doris’s wedding ring. He cleans it up and gives it back to Chris, who is utterly unconvincing in her joy.

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