Ian has a hard time chatting to Brian; Eddie has a hard time with an Environmental Health Officer.

Radio Times: Things get tough for Eddie.

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  • It’s market day, and Jennifer and Adam encounter Eddie selling his compost with a bargain free garden ornament offer. He tries to sell them some of his dodgy meat, but they’re not having any. It seems that an attractive young woman is rather more interested, though, and Eddie turns on all the charm as he shows her what he’s got for sale in his cool-box. Then she reveals that she’s an Environmental Health Officer, and that he’s being cautioned for selling the meat illegally. Eddie’s patter doesn’t cut much ice with her.
  • Adam is delayed in traffic, so Ian has to make conversation with Brian as he waits for Adam. It’s a big strain on both of them, and although Brian tries hard, he makes a couple of insensitive remarks. Both of them are very relieved to see Adam when he does get back. He tells Ian that Brian will come round to accepting their relationship; it just takes time.
  • Annabelle, the Environmental Health Officer, calls round at the Grundy home and takes Eddie’s entire stock of beef away with her. He will have to appear at their offices next week. When Clarrie arrives, she is mortified. Eddie, of course, tries to make light of it, but he’s met his match in Annabelle.

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