Matt gets the lunch, which Pat and Tony don’t enjoy; revenge will be exacted on 1st April.

Radio Times: Clarrie prepares for the worst.

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  • Lilian invites Pat and Tony to Sunday lunch, but as she’s forgotten that the clocks have gone forward, she hasn’t got time to cook, so Matt is deputed to buy lunch in on his way. Pat and Tony have run out of excuses, so have to go.
  • Lunch with Lilian and Matt every bit as awful as their guests fear; Lilian makes pointed remarks about Pat’s weather-beaten complexion, and Matt sneers at Tony’s conversational gambits. To get their revenge, Tony asks pointedly how Matt’s wife is, while Pat tells Matt what she thinks of his so-called low-cost housing scheme. When Tom rings to ask them to come and help with a cow at Bridge Farm, they can’t escape fast enough.
  • The atmosphere at the Grundys isn’t much better. Clarrie is still furious with Eddie over the dodgy meat scam, so Eddie goes off to work on the pole-barn and to lunch at the Bull. When he does come home, he tries to coax Clarrie round, but she sees through that.
  • Tony and Pat decide to play an April Fool trick on Lilian. They’ll send her a letter offering an organic post-face-lift treatment. After all, she does look like a Siamese cat in a wind-tunnel, says Pat. Meanwhile, Lilian says that George might want to rent Honeysuckle Cottage, and that might be yet another business opportunity for the ghastly Matt.

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