Roy makes an offer for the Carters’ house but the price is way beyond his means.

Radio Times: The future looks bleak for Roy.

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  • Susan is weeding her front path before the estate agents come round to value the house, but is interrupted by Lynda, who makes some characteristically insensitive remarks about the burnt-out police house and Susan’s brother. Neil comes to the rescue, and Susan cheers up hugely when Rodways recommend putting the house on the market at £150,000. She already has plans for a large garden at the new house, and even an extension in a year or so.
  • When she hears the Carters’ news, Betty immediately rings Roy, who hot-foots it round to the Green to ask if the Carters will give him first refusal. But when he hears the price, his hopes are dashed. There’s no way he and Hayley could raise a mortgage on that sum. As he tells Ian, they will have to move elsewhere to get better jobs if they want to buy a place of their own.
  • At Grey Gables, Lynda asks Ian what he thinks of her Easter bonnet. He’s initially lost for words, but manages to describe it as big and fruity, and advises the removal of one banana. Lynda responds with yet another insensitive remark.
  • Ian asks Roy to go with him to the new bistro in Borchester to check out the opposition. They are not over impressed, and agree that Grey Gables needs a major make-over of they are to attract any under 65s. They agree on a joint approach to Caroline.

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