David has the answer to George and Christine’s accommodation problem: Woodbine Cottage.

Radio Times: David comes to the rescue.

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  • The time has come for Ruth and David to tell Phil their thoughts on the future of Brookfield. To their relief, he says he’ll go along with whatever they decide about the dairy herd – though he’d be sorry to see the sheep go.
  • Chris is still having sleepless nights, and it’s not only thoughts of the fire; she finds Shula’s mattress uncomfortable. George just doesn’t know what to do to help her. He goes to look at the ruins of their home, and meets a sympathetic Neil, who suggests that George come and help him with some repairs to the church bell-rope. As they work, George manages to explain how he’s feeling. Something has been nagging at him, and now he can remember what it is. He lost his cornet in the fire, and that can never be replaced, because he ‘d had it from boyhood.
  • David is concerned about George and Chris becoming Matt’s tenants at Honeysuckle Cottage. He wouldn’t put it past Matt to turf them out if a better financial prospect came along. So he and Ruth decide to offer Woodbine Cottage. They haven’t had any interest in it since the sale fell through, and as it’s next to the Police House, George can supervise rebuilding in comfort.

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