Joe makes an offer but a pony and trap is not Emma’s ideal bridal transport.

Radio Times: Emma practises for the big day.

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  • Emma, Brenda and Kathy meet up at Jaxx and plan a girls’ night in to rehearse for the wedding. When they get to Will’s flat, Emma tells him he’ll be in the way, and flatly rejects Joe’s offer to take her to the church in his pony trap. She wants to tell the girls all about the wedding preparation classes. Brenda thinks it’s all so romantic, but Kathy is distinctly cynical and hard-bitten. But then, as Brenda reminds her, she has been through two failed marriages.
  • Eddie is fed up with Joe’s gibes about the Environmental Health Inspector, but is forced to admit that he gave them Snatch Foster’s name. Joe predicts trouble, but Eddie puts a brave face on it all. They get the cider press out, just to take their mind off things.
  • Over a cup of tea, Susan tells Clarrie about the new house. She’s got all the glossy magazine jargon, and Clarrie is impressed. But Susan is hoping that No. 1 The Green won’t sell quickly; she can’t face the prospect of life in a caravan with Christopher’s taste for loud music.
  • At the Pole Barn, Joe and Eddie crack open a bottle of Joe’s scrumpy. Will joins them, and they tease him about the marriage preparation classes. Eddie has an idea; Joe can take Greg and William in the trap, if Emma prefers a limo. They drink to that as well as lots of other things, and in a highly inebriated state, decide to throw a party to celebrate the new pole barn.

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