Peggy faces facts as she is told about Ian and Adam’s relationship.

Radio Times: Lilian drops a bombshell for Peggy.

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  • Pat and Tony’s April Fool on Lilian has found its mark. She’s determined to get hold of some Lipoflora face-lift-in-a-bottle, but, unsurprisingly, has no success. She appals the self-righteous Peggy by telling her that Ian and Adam are an item.
  • Plans for the dining room at Grey Gables are underway, as Ian and Roy look through the glossy magazines. The besotted Adam can’t stay away, and calls round to invite Ian for a late drink at the Bull. Their kiss is observed by Peggy, who works up a fine head of steam as she thinks of Ian flaunting his sexuality round the hotel and of the effect it will have on the guests.
  • In the Bull, Ian tells Adam what happened, but Adam accuses him of giving in to bigotry and prejudice. Ian points out that it’s Jack’s business, and that he wants to be professional in his work place. He knows from experience the harm it can do if his private life gets in the way. They quarrel, but are interrupted by Lilian, who suggests there is trouble in Paradise.

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