A cheap night out for Bert but Eddie discovers he has been selling condemned meat – could be expensive.

Radio Times: Bert gets more than he bargained for.

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  • Chris is still very tense and irritable, as Lilian tries to help her and George choose a new bed. When she rushes off in a state, George confides to Lilian that he just doesn’t know how to help her. Alan suggested using Victim Support, but she won’t hear of it.
  • The Promises Auction gets under way at the Bull, but not before Alan agrees to see if he can persuade Chris to accept some help, and David accepts Eddie’s invitation to be guest of honour at the barn-warming. David bids successfully for a meal cooked by Ian, Susan pays £10 to have her ironing done, but there’s only a £5 bid for the night at the Casino in Lilian’s company – and that’s from Bert, who makes it embarrassingly clear that he doesn’t want to go.
  • Straight after the auction, Alan goes to see Chris. She tells him that she can’t get Clive out of her head, and has murderous feelings towards him. Alan tells her to use the energy in her anger to help her move forward. He suggests that she should go to court to see Clive sentenced, and to see him for what he really is – the Clive Horrobin she has known from childhood.
  • Eddie is forced to tell Snatch that he has shopped him to the Environmental Health Officers. At first he’s apologetic, but when Snatch tells him the meat was condemned, Eddie is appalled. He tells Snatch he’ll throw the book at him.

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