A crisis in France set Greg racing for the airport, pausing only to throw in his job.

Radio Times: Greg loses his cool.

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  • Greg is late rising and has obviously forgotten that they are due at Bridge Farm for lunch in an hour. When the phone rings he immediately assumes it’s Brian Aldridge (in which case he is not in!) but it’s Michelle.
  • Eddie is searching through old newspapers; he’s a bit cagey about what for but it’s in the same issue as the piece about the restaurant owner serving dodgy meat. Joe decides to make a posh invitation to Thursday’s barn warming for Lynda Snell.
  • Sonja has been caught shoplifting, so Greg prepares to take off for France to persuade the shopkeeper not to press charges. He needs to speak to Brian Aldridge.
  • Clarrie thinks both her menfolk are acting strange. Eddie has not been able to contact Snatch; Clarrie saw his sister in church, with her boyfriend who is training as a lawyer – handy! As Joe prepares to deliver Lynda’s invitation, Eddie dashes out with it; he has another use for it.
  • With relations between them at such a low ebb, it was predictable that Greg’s meeting with Brian would not go well. He failed to explain his dash to France other than ‘trouble’ with Sonja; this is not good enough for Brian who advises that he gets his priorities sorted out if he wants to keep his job. He doesn’t. His family comes first. He quits.
  • Eddie delivers Joe’s formal invitation, not to Lynda, but to Usha; Joe will be ever so disappointed if she coesn’t come – they all will.
  • Helen is not pleased at what Greg has done; they will be homeless. She insists that he speak to Brian before he goes but Greg has just one thing on his mind right now; he will call her from France.

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