Helen pleads on Greg’s behalf; Sid and Lilian both have their eyes opened.

Radio Times: Helen calls in a family favour.

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  • Walking across the Green, Fallon is highly amused to hear Lilian still asking about Lipoflora.
  • Brian and Adam have retrieved a table from the cellar; Adam is going to help George and Christine move into Woodbine Cottage. Brian had scarcely uttered the view that Greg had done him a favour by resigning, than they get a visit from Helen. She appeals to Brian to see things from Greg’s point of view but Brian is quick to put forward his own; at least he spares her the view that Greg had, in his eyes, begun to get sloppy. Helen is sure that Greg will regret his resignation; he loves his job. Brian agrees to listen, if Greg returns and does indeed want to talk; meanwhile he will look for a new keeper but not make any offers.
  • In The Bull, Fallon cannot leave it alone as she asks everyone in sight, in front of Lilian of course, whether they have heard of Lipoflora. It’s a relief for Sid when the arrival of Ian and Adam draws Lilian away; Sid’s aside, that Ian should beware keeping the company of Adam, leads Mike to let him in on the news that Ian and Adam are, in fact, an item.
  • Greg’s phone call gives nothing away about how things are going in France and Helen doesn’t quite manage to tell him about her conversation with Brian – perhaps for the best.
  • Adam cannot let Lilian suffer any more: what day did the Lipoflora letter arrive? Also, the name is an anagram of ‘April Fool’. He doesn’t know who played the joke but boy did it work.

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