Christine and George make a new start with help from family and friends.

Radio Times: A new start for George and Chris.

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  • Packing is not a big problem for Chris and George; they don’t have many possessions and David has already taken some of them to Woodbine Cottage. Chris is having misgivings about moving back to the Green but George encourages her to be positive.
  • Ruth and David have made the cottage really nice and furnished it with borrowed items from family and friends; Bert has even loaned his beloved reclining chair. Lilian has donated a full-length mirror. (It’s a wonder she can spare it!) As they wait for the new tenants, Susan passes by, en route to meet some prospective purchasers; it might take more than a bit of air freshener to make their ‘lived in’ house look attractive.
  • Christine and George are delighted with Woodbine Cottage and very grateful for all the effort that went into preparing it. The photograph album is a wonderful gift and also much appreciated. They had better be good tenants!
  • At No. 1, things are not so happy; the prospective purchasers were not impressed and Susan could happily have slapped her for her remarks.
  • Back at Brookfield, David’s thoughts turn to the future of the farm. Oh for a crystal ball! He will ring some agencies about a contract herdsman but for the moment say nothing to Bert, whose retirement is in the balance.
  • Susan prepares for another disturbed night; the nightmare is always the same. She feels she ought to have spoken to Chris and George today but Neil insists that she shouldn’t feel guilty.
  • Christine has already reorganised the kitchen to her liking and as they replace the borrowed furniture it will feel more like home – which it is. Yes, it is.

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