Helen confides in Kirsty; Jack shows little interest in the plans for Grey Gables restaurant.

Radio Times: Kirsty oversteps the mark.

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  • Helen is having a bad day in the shop but Kirsty comes to the rescue; she had a call from Greg but he did not say much. Kirsty prescribes a night out – no buts!
  • Meanwhile Caroline is explaining to Jack the ideas for the restaurant, prepared by Ian and Roy; he accepts them like a lamb and he is sure that Caroline knows what she is doing. When she has gone, he confides to Peggy that he didn’t understand half of what Caroline was talking about; things were simpler in the past but the world has moved on without him.
  • Caroline meets Ian walking up the drive and reports the good news, although with some concern about Jack: she expected a battle but he didn’t seem interested. She puts some doubt in Ian’s mind about the romantic dinner for two he has just shopped for – his auctioned promise; have Ruth and David sent the kids out for the night?
  • As they search Helen’s wardrobe, Kirsty cannot help but notice the bruise by Helen’s waist and is unconvinced by the explanation.
  • Caroline was right, so Ian has to eke out the food into a family meal of home-made chicken nuggets.
  • Helen is not enjoying the evening, as Kirsty points out a succession of eligible men. Kirsty assures her that she is not trying to split her from Greg; she knows Helen loves him but doesn’t like to see her having such a hard time. Greg expects so much of himself and it is when he fails to live up to his expections that he goes ‘over the top’. Is that how she got the bruise? It was an accident. She was shouting at him and he wanted to get to the airport; he pushed her aside but he didn’t mean it.

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