Colin has had enough.

Radio Times: Colin has had enough.

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  • Invasion of the Bird Watchers – Ambridge under seige – the place is over-run and Jack is exhausted although the silver lining in this cloud is that George and Greg (and William) seem to be working as a team for the first team. The twitchers are everywhere, parking willy-nilly and equipped with pagers and phones – one even flow in by helicopter from the Scilly Isles.
  • Janet’s arranged to see Jack and Peggy and Jack, thinking that she wants to talk about sponsorship for her march, kicks straight off with a flat refusal. She’s a little but back and disappointed – and when it appears she was talking about the car rota for driving pensioners into town, Jack’s very embarrassed and offers Higgs’ services immediately.
  • Peggy’s cooking supper at Bridge Farm and Helen’s trying to justify her dairy decisions – that Tracy is the only one on her wavelength. Tommy’s still doing a great job of winding her up and, when Clarrie delivers Colin’s resignation letter, even Helen’s left struggling to defend that her management style is for the best.