Usha is dead beat.

Radio Times: Usha is dead beat.

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  • The twitchers are still wrecking village life – although, needless to say, the Grundys are cashing in, an overflow car park and Joe trying to sell “home-made” soup (from packets, naturally). There’s also a huge amount of traffic about.
  • William’s meant to be revising, but escapes (his mum is putting in extra hours at a busy Bull) to check on the birds, where he finds George grumbling about some of Greg’s short cuts.
  • Sid’s not walking although he’s willing to pass on his fitness tips to Usha would needs all the encouragement she can get. She and Janet are “beating the bounds” of all four parishes, some 23 miles (although most of the other parishoners aren’t being so foolhardy and only do a portion). Near the end of the walk, Usha is struggling to continue and wonders how she will ever finish the walk to London (she hadn’t been planning to continue to Cologne with Janet) – she decides that she hasn’t the time to get fit enough and drops her plan to walk at all.