Helen makes a confession.

Radio Times: Helen makes a confession.

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  • Tony’s still interested in asking the Parish Council to stage a referendum over the issue of GMOs, he needs six parishoners to meet the qualifications outlined in the Local Government Act, 1972. He’s asked Clarrie to be one the six signatories.
  • Helen’s been trying (and failing) to convince Colin to return to the dairy, Pat’s not been told of this development and, feeling a lot better in the last few days, she plans on spending some time in the dairy today, so Helen might have to tell her sooner rather than later.
  • Lynda’s trying to find a guinea pig for her aromatherapy massages and, failing to convince Sid, decides that Janet (having completed 23 miles yesterday, albeit in a much better state than Usha) is a viable target. Janet is more than a little unwilling and, having decided on a geranium oil, Lynda’s hay-fever kicks in as she goes at Janet’s legs!
  • Helen has feigned illness from her work placement to return to the dairy, where she finds Pat working hard and in banter with a more cheerful Clarrie, who (reluctantly) goes to lunch and Helen proceeds to apologise to her mum about her little management disaster. She admits that leaving Tracy in charge hasn’t been a roaring succes.
  • Pat seems much more in control and talks to Colin and convinces him to return – while telling Helen to make sure that Tracy knows that she’s no longer the supervisor and will return to her old role and telling Helen that she should apologise to Clarrie too. Much more like her old self, Pat’s proclaims herself in charge of the dairy once more – even Tony says how much he loves her bossing him around again, after all, it’s not happened for a few months!