Elizabeth discovers the truth.

Radio Times: Elizabeth discovers the truth.

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  • The village is still swamped with twitchers, but life continues regardless.
  • Peggy (who, as far as we know, still attends a church outside the village) is unhappy with Janet’s political stance and wonders if a month away is the right thing for a parish priest.
  • Tony’s going to be visiting an about-to-be-organic friend in Shrewsbury next Saturday, which causes a bit of a headache for Alistair, the Cricket Club captain. Tim Hathaway has already declined and he’s loath to ask the fit-again Sid lest their delicate captain-manager relationship get even more strained.
  • It seems that Julia’s “Camilla and James are wonderful to me” stories are a little more than the truth. Lizzie overheard a phone conversation to Nigel in which Camilla all but admitted that they made the debt so as to get shot of her, she was being such a pain!
  • Helen, grudingly, apologies to Clarrie, who accepts it but doesn’t make the job easy! She’s glad to hear Colin’s returning and that Tracy is no longer supervisor. The problem is that Pat’s not actually been in to the dairy. It seems that Tracy’s resigned now and this has sent Pat back to her bed, worrying that this whole situation is her fault. Peggy and Clarrie are sure that it was just a case that yesterday’s apparent revival was a little too much too soon. Tony hopes they’re right.