Pat does her best.

Radio Times: Pat does her best.

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  • Bedlam in the shop with Mike unstacking some deliveries for Betty who’s loudly helping a hard-of-hearing customer, Mrs Potter, and Siobhán’s buying some wine (she and Tim are heading to Lower Loxley for supper) and Lizzie wanders in to say that’s not necessary because they’ll be drinking champagne to celebrate their roof grant …. and Pat enters into the commotion. There’s general enquiries as to how she is (delicate, it seems) but when Mrs Potter stumbles into a display of tins erected by Kate which goes everywhere, Pat just leaves.
  • Tim and Siobhán are looking forward to their completed extension, only they’re worried that Jason’s reputation is well-earned and that it won’t be finished by the end of June as planned.
  • Pat’s back in bed and Tony’s worried that they’re back to square one, she’s not sure that the pills are working and that she just vants to be left alone.
  • Tim and Siobhán drove passed Lower Loxley several times – they had no idea it was so large! Lizzie tries to convince Tim to play cricket, he’s not, erm, playing ball, but Siobhán’s looking forward to the single wicket competition.
  • Tony, finding the doctor out, calls in on Willow Farm. Mike, obviously unkeen, does eventually agree that, if she’s no better tomorrow, he’ll have another chat with Pat.