Mike pays a call.

Radio Times: Mike pays a call.

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  • Brian’s silage contractor (amusingly, it seems, from his reaction) forced Lynda and her bike from the road – although Jennifer’s tale of her aromatherapy sessions don’t get quite the same reaction!
  • David and Ruth had been cinema and, driving past Brian’s GM crop see some vandals, David intervenes and gets a black eye for his trouble. They go up to the farmhouse and tell Brian, who calls the police. Have given statements, including Ruth remembering a van’s number, David seems a little reticent about their involvement – almost as if he recognised some of the combatants (despite it being dark and them wearing scarves and balaclavas).
  • Greg and George are still not getting on, although Greg’s attempts to get to talk to Brian are interrupted by David and Ruth’s arrival.
  • Mike calls on Pat to talk over her recouperation. He tries to talk through how its a gradual process, but slowly you start to think about the outside world a bit more and, especially, the root cause of it all – while Pat can’t bring John back, she can convince herself that it wasn’t her fault. It’s a long road, but every day (like Monday) where a few hours can go past like normal is another step on the road.