David has suspicions.

Radio Times: David has suspicions.

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  • Sid’s the next victim to go under Lynda’s oily fingers, although he’d not heard about Janet’s exploits and Kathy’s teasing him rather. In the end he endured, rather than enjoyed, Lynda’s manipulation with permanent commentary and was smelling rather, erm, aromatic! He’s also not so pleased that his forecasted bumper weekend is written off – the black woodpecker and it’s army of admirers has moved on.
  • The paperwork for Home Farm’s registration on the assured venison scheme has ended in Jennifer’s hands – Brian and Debbie are very busy and behind with the silage making. Brian’s also been dealing with the police and the company running the trial – they’ve lost about a third of their crop.
  • David’s shiner has swelled up well and he’s uncertain for the cricket tomorrow. This pleases Alistair no end – he’s already had to go cap-in-hand to Sid to ask him to play.
  • Have-A-Go-Hero David is the talk of the village and Ruth thinks he’s not telling her (or the police) everything. The police have been in touch with the DVLA, but David thinks that he might know who at least one of the raiding party was …..