Should David speak out.

Radio Times: Should David speak out.

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  • Pat’s upped and gone, quite suddenly to Wales, not to visit family but to spend some time in a “retreat” recomended by Janet. The kids didn’t know this at first and while Tommy and Tony are generally happy with the idea, Helen’s most unamused that she’s having to continue to shoulder more work than she thinks she should.
  • Tommy’s in a good mood and, in an example of a more traditional big sister role, being teased mercilessly by Helen over the appearance on the scene of “Kirsty”. He’s adamant that they were “discussing the farmers’ market”.
  • The tourist information exhibition at the church is a success and the leaflets produced to promote the local churchs are so popular they’re needing a reprint – Janet’s impressed by Bert and Shula’s work on this.
  • Usha, spurred on by her problems on last weekend’s walk, is cycling to work in Felpersham and, when she’s working in the Borchester office, she’s walking!
  • Alistair, Shula, Ruth, David and assorted offspring are picnicing and enjoying a sunny late spring afternoon. A victory in yesterday’s cricket causes general good minds but David’s continued black eye turns the conversation round to the crop raid and while the village gossip is blaming Kate, David (and Ruth) are tight-lipped but have obviously different suspicions …..