Joe shoots his mouth off.

Radio Times: Joe shoots his mouth off.

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  • Grange Farm’s forage harvester has suffered through lack of maintainance and, even worse, the dealers tell them its obsolete which leads Joe to complain that it’s only 20 years old! Even worse is that Eddie had a few weeks contract work booked with it which might have to be cancelled. This might lead to Joe not paying their back rent nor the feed bill, which (thanks to the sale of Posh Spice) they currently have the money for.
  • Helen tells Clarrie that Pat’s gone and Clarrie is more sympathetic than Helen is. She less happy with Helen though who, under the danger of failing her placement, cannot really take any more time off from Ann Baxter’s farm.
  • Sid tries to tell Lynda that her massage wasn’t want it could be because of her constant chatter, she just doesn’t hear him. Joe offers himself as another guinea pig but Lynda can’t really stomach that thought!
  • Kate defends herself against Lynda and Helen’s assumption that she was involved in the raid on her father’s field. While outspoken in her condemnation of GM crops, she’s shocked that people would think that she’d harm her father’s farm.