Debbie sweet-talks Brian.

Radio Times: Debbie sweet-talks Brian.

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  • The tourist leaflets for the church have prompted Jack to rethink Grey Gables’ brochures, but Peggy seems more concerned at the rampant commercialism of turning the church porch into a tourist information centre.
  • George is on the warpath again, Jack claims him but Brian doesn’t want to listen to criticism of Greg – Greg’s helping at Grey Gables and if George doesn’t start changing Brian wouldn’t blame him for refusing to continue.
  • Debbie’s preparing Home Farm for a farm walk and is trying to convince Brian that he, as a large commercial farmer, has a PR problem that GM crops and large featureless fields aren’t helping.
  • The raid gossip has reached Kate’s family and she takes large amount of umbrage when they ask her if she was involved, her wounded reaction is convincing enough for Brian and Debbie who would think her history of proud direct action would lead her to admit any involvement. It seems that, if the perpetrators are apprehended, the company running the trial will sue – they’ve lost a third of their crop and the trial’s significance is wavering.