Chris gives George what for.

Radio Times: Chris gives George what for.

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  • Jill’s being given the guided tour of the barn with Lizzie enthusing and gushing about her plans, Julia’s looking forward to the barn gallery too, her niche as curator? After all, the pile of rejection slips might indicate that her career as a novelist has stalled.
  • Lower Loxley is being spruced up for their may ball tonight, Julia reminisces about the parties of old and, despite Lizzie saying that they were planning something informal, maybe a gathering of the old crowd, Julia seems to have decided that Nigel’s impending fortieth needs to be marked suitably.
  • George is driving Chris around the bend and she finally snaps. She points out that only he has any problems with Greg’s way of keeping and that he is only going to be happy if Jack is able to find a keeper willing to be a George clone.
  • A last minute booking and, prior to she and Phil going to Lower Loxley’s ball, Jill is rushing around for her B&B guests. As she comes rushing down the stairs she takes a tumble and turns her knee quite nastily – no dancing on her night off, it seems.