Tim is in reassuring mode.

Radio Times: Tim is in reassuring mode.

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  • Eddie has, it seems, solved his forage harvester problems as he promises Tony he’s available on Monday.
  • Tony’s idea of a parish referendum has suffered with the raid on Brian’s crop – support has drifted away a little.
  • Pat returns – she awoke this morning and decided she needed to be home. She certainly seems to have perked up a lot and Tony’s glad to see her back.
  • Jill suffered a fractured kneecap and has spent the night (and will spend the weekend) in hospital and will have a full leg cast for a few weeks. The family is rallying round but Jill, superwoman, will take some covering for.
  • Pat gives Clarrie a bonus for her help in the dairy – on the condition that she spends it on herself!
  • Eddie’s looking for Jason – and so’s Tim. His extension is unfinished and he’s also had Lynda on his back about his choice of materials and that they’re not “traditional” or “original”.